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Alexander Korda

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Sir Alexander Korda (1893–1956) was a Hungarian-born British film producer and director.

He worked in Hollywood the first time during the transition to "talkies", from 1926 to 1930. From 1930, Korda became a leading figure in the British film industry, the founder of London Films and the owner of British Lion Films, a film distributing company.

After leaving British International Pictures, Hitchcock was briefly contracted by Korda. Despite their best attempts, the two couldn't agree on any projects and the contract was dissolved by mutual agreement. Speaking a few years later, Hitchcock recalled:

I was with Korda for twelve months, and during that time I didn't make a single picture. It was not my fault; nor could Korda exactly be blamed. It was just one of those things. There were plenty of plans, but somehow they simply didn't materialize. You may recollect that it was announced that I was going to make a picture called Wings Over the Jungle. Numerous people have asked me what became of it, without realizing that it actually reached the screen in an entirely different form, though I had nothing to do with it [...] When the film was finally made it was Sanders of the River. I want to make it clear, however, that I was not associated in any way with the actual picture, but only some of the preparatory work that led to the making of it.[1]

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