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Lancashire Evening Post (10/Aug/1935) - Madeleine Carroll's Success



Madeleine Carroll's Success

Madeleine Carroll, lovely heroine of "I was a Spy" and "The World Moves On," makes the queen a real vital personality by acting of warmth, intelligence and sincerity. Madeleine Carroll is rapidly becoming one of our finest, most personable actresses. I advise you to see her in the film of John Buchan's exciting novel "The Thirty Nine Steps" when it comes to the provinces.

Even more than in "The Man Who Knew Too Much," Alfred Hitchcock has created suspense and dramatic situations by his brilliant direction and striking photographic effects, It is a film as remarkable for its cinematic power as the acting of Robert Donat and three equally attractive women— — Madeleine Carroll, Peggy Ashcroft, and Lucy Mannheim.

Miss Carroll suffers so much rough handling that she hasn't much time to be ladylike, which should please her for she dislikes being referred to as serenely beautiful, which inevitably is one's impression of the fair Madeleine in repose.