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Sidney Bernstein

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Sidney Lewis Bernstein (1899–1993), later Baron Bernstein, was a British media baron who was the founding chairman of the London-based Granada Group and the founder of the Manchester-based Granada Television in 1954.

A lifelong friend of Alfred Hitchcock since the 1920s, he formed Transatlantic Pictures with the director in the mid 1940s.

Bernstein married twice and had three children from his second marriage to Sandra Malone.

He died of cerebral arteriosclerosis on 5th February 1993 at his London home, leaving an estate worth nearly £7m.[1]


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  • born 30/Jan/1899[2]
  • son of Alexander Bernstein (b. ~1869)[3] and Jane Bernstein (b. ~1873) née Lazarus[4], who married in 1893[5]
  • brother of Lillian S. Bernstein (b. ~1894)[6], Rae Bertha Bernstein (b. ~1895)[7], Selim Solomon Bernstein (b. 1894)[8], Bethrun Bernstein (b. ~1897)[9], Beatrice Bernstein (b. ~1898)[10], Ida Bernstein (b. 1903)[11], Cecil George Bernstein (b. 1904)[12], Max Bernstein (b. 1906)[13], Beryl Florence Bernstein (b. ~1909)[14] and Albert Bernstein (b. ~1910)[15]
  • died 05/Feb/1993[16]


  • married 26/Nov/1936 to journalist Zoë Patricia Farmar (b. ~1911)[17]
  • married 11/Dec/1945 to Sandra Malone (b. 1923)[18]

Research Notes

  • When father Alexander died in March 1922, he left a considerable estate worth around £50,000. Probate was initially granted on 01/May/1922 to Rae Bertha Taffler (wife of Maurice Taffler), Sidney Lewis Bernstein and chartered accountant Ernest George Bygrave (effects worth £54,995). A further probate was granted 31/Jan/1923 to widow Jane Bernstein (effects worth £47,057). At the time of his death, Alexander was living at 187 Walm Lane, Cricklewood, Middlesex.

Passenger Lists

According to his biographer, Bernstein was a frequent traveller, especially in his youth. The entries in the online archives represent just a fraction of his travels.

  • travelled to Gibraltar, Spain, aboard the Sibajak, departing from Southampton on 26/Jan/1934[19]
  • travelled from Palma, Majorca, aboard the Sagaing, arriving Plymouth on 01/Mar/1934[20]
  • travelled to Montreal, Canada, aboard the Bayano, departing from Glasgow on 15/May/1942[21]
  • travelled to New York aboard the Queen Elizabeth, departing from Southampton on 22/Nov/1946[22]


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