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Morning Bulletin (Queensland) (23/Oct/1928) - Empire Theatre: Downhill




Alfred Hitchcock, director, with clever handling and imaginative production, scores another personal success with "Downhill," the latest English production, which will be screened at the Empire Theatre tomorrow night. Ivor Novello appears in a role entirely different of those that have endeared him to the public. He is cast as a college football hero, with a great sense of honour, which in the early sequences of the drama causes him to be disinherited by his father. Roddy Berwick, at school, takes the blame of having molested a girl off the shoulders of a friend and is expelled. His father turns him out and he drifts. Coming into some money, he marries an actress, who squanders it for him. Later he becomes a paid dancer and worse, ending up in the docks at Marseilles. A strange twist of circumstance brings the picture to a powerful conclusion.

The supporting picture is "The Cruise of the Hellion," a stirring sea story with a. superlative cast of screen artists, including Tom Santchi and Edna Murphy.