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Motion Picture Classic (Oct/1923) - Foreign Films: European Studios at a Glance



"The English studios are just like I the American ones," Betty Compson said to me when I saw her for the first time at the studios of the Famous Players-Lasky in London, "I mean this one," she added, thus confirming what Mae Marsh had said previously.

Before us the studio No. 1 presented the aspect of the Paris Moulin Rouge, with its orchestra, its crowds of dancers, while the electric wings of the mills were turning slowly. Some of the dancers were considering the American star with considerable curiosity. On his pedestal, near the camera, Graham Cutts, the director, smiled at us from time to time. '"He is a very clever producer," said Betty, "I am glad to work with him, and I like the story so much besides."

"Woman to Woman" is the title of the play which ran so successfully in England, and which will be the name of the British film in which Betty Compson plays lead. She will be seen as a dancer of the Moulin Rouge, where an Englishman (Clive Brook) will notice her and fall in love with her. And both will be happy ... at the end of the picture.