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Motion Picture Daily (02/Jan/1936) - "Informer" Top on N. Y. Critics' List




"Informer" Top on N. Y. Critics' List

They're out — those besta of the besta selections of the New York critics. Now the New Year can get started.

"The Informer" was the best picture.

Charles Laughton did the two best male performances of the year in "Mutiny on the Bounty" and "Ruggles of Red Gap."

Greta Garbo turned in the best feminine performance in "Anna Karenina" and Katharine Hepburn got a minority vote for "Alice Adams."

John Ford did the best directing job on "The Informer." And Alfred Hitchcock got a minority vote for "39 Steps" and "The Man Who Knew Too Much."

At the request of Covici, Friede the critics recommended "The Scoundrel" as the most readable script, an original by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur.

Those voting were: Regina Crewe — American; Bland Johaneson — Mirror; Kate Cameron — News; Richard Watts — Herald-Tribune; Leo Mishkin — Morning Telegraph; Andre Senwald — Times; Thornton Delehanty — Post; Rose Pelswick — Journal; William Boehnel — World-Telegram; Martin Dickstein — Brooklyn Eagle; Seymour Roman — Brooklyn Times-Union.

Eileen Creelman of The Sun refused to participate, she said, "because of the statement, constantly reiterated, that the group had been formed because of 'dissatisfaction with the Academy awards'.

"Neither I nor The Sun have any quarrel with the Academy," she said, "and I see no purpose in an attempt, however obviously futile, to 'oust' it."