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Motion Picture Daily (21/Mar/1935) - English Firm Will Produce With 1st Div.



English Firm Will Produce With 1st Div.

Dean to Complete Deal Here for Associated

London, March 6. — Basil Dean will visit Hollywood in September to complete arrangements for joint production with First Division, it has been announced by Associated Talking Pictures.

Associated British Film Distributors, distributing link of A. T. P., which is handling First Division product here on a reciprocal basis giving A. T. P. product the F. D. release in the states, is also distributing 20 features from Mascot and announces a big increase in its own production.

Directors during the new season will include Alfred Hitchcock and Monty Banks. The former will direct "London Symphony," first of two features to star Clive Brook; the second of these will be the Anglo-Australian film already announced.

Stars lined up include, in addition to Brook: Grade Fields, Leslie Henson, Victoria Hopper and Edmund Gwenn, and among the authors are J. B. Priestley, Margaret Kennedy, Ian Hay, R. C. Sheriff, H. M. Harwood and Eleanor Smith

A.B.F.D. will move in June from Wardour St. to big new premises in Oxford St.

Plans Are Not Definite

While Associated Talking Pictures is planning to produce one or two pictures in this country in line with the cooperative distribution and production arrangement with First Division, no definite plans have been set, Reginald Baker, financial head and joint managing director of this company and Associated British Film Distributors in England, stated yesterday.

The company will not make any definite moves until it is convinced there is a possibility of commercializing its stars for future development in this country. Grace Fields is the first star the company has in mind for the test, providing a decision to produce here is made.

First Division in turn, would make one or two films in England. The cooperative deal runs indefinitely, Baker stated. The A.T.P. executive stated he likes the United States and will probably return in about six months for another visit. He sails tomorrow on the Majestic.

While in Hollywood for two weeks, Baker met a number of friends and conferred with First Division production heads on new product.