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Motion Picture News (02/Oct/1920) - British Players in America




British Player in America

Bertram Burleigh Praises American Production Methods Abroad

Arriving in New York this week on his first trip to America, Bertram Burleigh, the English actor who played the lead in "The Great Day," the first Paramount Picture made in England, has nothing but praise for American producing methods and the new Famous Players-Lasky studio in Islington, said Mr. Burleigh, "far surpasses any other studio in Great Britain. It is marvelously well equipped; I am told that it is the equal of any studio in this country in the matter of facilities." Hugh Ford, director-general of the Famous Players-Lasky British Producers, who directed "The Great Day," and Milton Hoffman who has been in charge of the studio, worked wonders, when one considers the difficulties which conditions in England after the war imposed on all building enterprises.

"Mr. Ford was an eye-opener to the British players and film people with whom he came in contact. His energy and efficiency were everything that we had come to expect from Americans."

Mr. Burleigh plans to visit various American studios. Among the sights which he saw during his first week in America was the new Famous Players studio at Long Island City, in which actual production was begun this week.