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Motion Picture News (May/1926) - Lee-Bradford Releases "Rat"



Lee-Bradford Releases "Rat"

Production to be Released on the State Rights Market; First of Series

From Arthur Lee, President of the Lee Bradford Corp., it was learned that his organization would handle "The Rat" on the State rights market, which shows Lee's implicit faith in the system of State rights exchanges as being a factor in serving the industry with worthwhile productions.

"The Rat" is different in point of technique, story, acting and direction. The cast is headed by Mae Marsh, Ivor Novello and Isabel Jeans. The director is Graham Cutts, whose previous pictures were "Woman to Woman" and "The Passionate Adventure.

The story from the Broadway show by Dave L'Estrange, Constance Collier and Ivor Novello, is a tense dramatic subject. One thing worth noting is its sensational opening and packed in is a continuous riot of colorful drama, thrills, suspense, heart interest and romance against an ever-changing background from the richest elegance to the squalor of the underworld of Gay Paris.

"The Rat" is the first of a series of specials and following close upon its release comes "Dangerous Virtue," with Jane Novak, also a successful play; "The Pleasure Garden," from a published book by Oliver Sandys and starring Virginia Valli and Carmelita Geraghty, and another is a sensational thriller starring Nita Naldi titled "The Mountain Eagle."