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Motion Picture News (Sep/1925) - Lee-Bradford Offering Five Features



Lee-Bradford Offering Five Features

With four productions completed and the fifth now in work, the Lee-Bradford Corporation is in readiness to offer exhibitors the entire program for 1925-26 well in advance of release dates. Much of the territory on these features has been closed already and the early offerings on the company's list soon will be available for screening before exhibitors at the various exchanges handling the product.

The program will be initiated by "The Passionate Adventure," a Graham Cutts production made in England with Alice Joyce, Clive Brook, Marjorie Daw and Victor MacLaglen. This production is considered by exchange men to be in the class of first run class "A" attractions and is pointed out by its sponsors as the standard of feature which they will offer through state right exchanges this year.

The next picture on the list is "The Blackguard," another Graham Cutts production, in which Jane Novak is featured. This will be followed by "Shea," an elaborate screen adaptation of the novel by Sir H. Rider Haggard. Betty Blythe and Carlyle Blackwell play the principal roles and the picture was directed by De Cordova.

"Wives of the Prophet," the fifth picture is now in production. The company, in which Alice Lake, Violet Mersereau, Melville Caldwell and Ruth Stonehouse will be features, now is working on location in West Virginia. The film will be based on the story of the same title by Opie Reid.

With the completion of "Wives of the Prophet" the Lee-Bradford schedule bill for the coming season will be ready for the market. In all these productions special exploitation material will be issued and substantial aid will be given exhibitors in launching publicity campaigns well before the date of the opening engagements of the pictures at their theatres.