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New York Times (21/Oct/1973) - News of the Screen



News of the Screen

The suspense, if not the mystery, is ended. The 74-year-old Alfred Hitchcock, who has been involved in filmmaking for a half-century, has started work on his 53rd movie, the first since he directed his 1972 hit, "Frenzy." And he has again joined Ernest Lehman, the screen writer of his successful 1959 thriller, "North by Northwest," who is writing the prospective "suspense drama" for Universal, which also released "Frenzy."

"I'm tentatively calling It 'One Plus One Equals One,'" Mr. Hitchcock reported from Hollywood. The script will be "vaguely based," he said, on "The Rainbird Pattern," a novel by Victor Canning published this year by Morrow.

"I can't say what the script's all about," Mr. Hitchcock added jovially, "except that we trust it will be different" Mr. Lehman was willing to say that "the script basically will be two stories that eventually become one story."

Mr. Hitchcock hopes to start filming in February.