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Norah Baring

Baring in [[Murder!]] (1930)


Norah Baring (born Norah Minnie Baker) was an English movie actress most famous for her leading roles in Anthony Asquith's silent film A Cottage on Dartmoor (1929) and Alfred Hitchcock thriller Murder! (1930).

In 1935, she interviewed Hitchcock for the Film Pictorial magazine.

She married three times and died in 1985, aged 79.


With Hitchcock...

  • Murder! (1930) — cast: Diana Baring

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  • born 26/Nov/1905[1]
  • daughter of draper warehouseman Forester Cyril Baker (b. 1880)[2] and Annie Maude Baker (b. ~1876) née Stewart[3] who married around 1904[4]
  • baptised 24/Dec/1905 at St Saviour, Shepherds Bush
  • married 1928 to Ronald M. Simon[5][6]
  • married 1934 to Douglas A. Forbes (b. ~1900)[7][8]
  • married 1946 to John Henry K. Baerselman (b. 1907)[9][10]
  • died 08/Feb/1985[11]

Research Documents


1911 Census

Derby Daily Telegraph (19/Aug/1931)

Research Notes

  • During the Second World War, she lived in a small village in Wales and, along with her mother, took care of 20 evacuee children. At the time, she told the Derby Daily Telegraph, "Of course, I am fully occupied during the whole of the day, and sometimes at night. Mother and I wade through an amazing amount of sewing, darning, and frock-making. Bathing them all is quite a water gymkhana. I take them all to school daily, and though my few trips through the village surrounded by such a large drove caused me a little embarrassment, I really enjoy doing it now. Once, while sitting in a 'bus, a man leaned over towards me and said, 'Excuse me, but aren't you the woman with twenty kids?'"[12]


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