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Nottingham Evening Post (22/Nov/1927) - Carl Brisson as Film Actor





Carl Brisson, the famous musical comedy actor, so well-known to the Nottingham public for his ; stage performances, makes a successful appearance as a film actor in the new picture, "The Ring," which was shown to a specially-invited audience today at the Elite Theatre, Nottingham.

Apart from the share taken in it by Mr. Brisson, who is a Dane, "The Ring" is an All-British production. It was made at the British International Studio at Elstree, with Mr. Alfred Hitchcock as director, and is in every way a credit to native screen art.

Carl Brisson is more than merely a "matinee idol." Ho is a very virile personality indeed and a really remarkable athlete. He was middleweight boxing champion of Erurope when little more than a boy, so that the role which he portrays in "The Ring" comes quite naturally to him. This is his first "starring" film, and he has taken his opportunity. The fight scenes are admirably done. They are refereed by the famous boxing authority, Eugene Corri, whose first screen appearance it as. The story tells of the love of two men for one woman, the old, absorbing "triangle" on which so many destinies have been made or marred.

In support of Carl Brisson is Lilian Hall-Davis, one of the most popular of British film stars, who has also placed successfully in French and German productions. Ian Hunter is "the other man," and there are also Peggy Carlisle, who plays in "Hindle Wakes," Forrester Harvey, and Yvonne Mertens.

For one of the scenes a complete fair, with shows and merry-go-rounds was assembled, while the boxing scenes are staged in the actual ring used in the Walker-Milligan fight at the London Albert Hall.