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Oakland Tribune (15/Oct/1937) - Curtain Calls: English Director Foils Gyp Barber



Curtain Calls: English Director Foils Gyp Barber

William Boehnel, who covers pictures tor the World-Telegram, tells me that it remained for Alfred Hitchcock, the English film director, to try his hand outwitting a gyp barber in Times Square and emerge second best — in repartee at least.

Hitchcock, who was looking over New York recently, went in to get his hair bobbed. "You're losing your hair, mister," said the high pressure scissors mad clippers man. "I can give you something to stop it."

"Not at all," replied Hitchcock with a touch of hauteur. "All my life I've wanted to be bald."

"So," retorted the tonsorial artist, still holding onto the same bottle, "well, here is something guaranteed to take it all out overnight!"

Hitchcock decided to get a shampoo to get the gentleman's mind off his lotions.