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On Directors: Alfred Hitchcock (2005) by Nicholas Haeffner

author Nicholas Haeffner
series On Directors
publisher Longman (2005)
ISBN 0582437385 (paperback)
links LibraryThing

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Nicholas Haeffner provides a comprehensive introduction to Alfred Hitchcock's major British and Hollywood films, navigating the audience through a wealth of critical commentaries. One of the acknowledged giants of film, Hitchcock's prolific half-century career spanned the silent and sound eras and resulted in 52 films of which Rear Window (1954), Vertigo (1958) and Psycho (1960) are now seen as classics within suspense, melodrama and horror genres.


  1. Hitchcock's heritage: class, culture and cosmopolitanism
  2. Authorship and reputation
  3. Fascinating design: image, nothingness, sound and silence
  4. Realism and The Wrong Man
  5. Hitchcock and women
  6. Delirium of interpretation? The uses and abuses of psychoanalysis
  7. Audiences and identification
  8. Hitchcock's legacy: Psycho and after



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