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Perino's Restaurant, Los Angeles, California

Perino's Restaurant, circa 1949

Establish in 1932 by Alexander Perino, Perino's was a popular Hollywood restaurant located on Wilshire Boulevard.

In his unpublished memoirs, "Rambling Recollections", actor Anthony Dawson recalled dining with the Hitchcocks and fellow Dial M for Murder actors Grace Kelly and John Williams in 1953.[1]

After Alfred Hitchcock became an American citizen on April 20th 1955, C.O. "Doc" Erickson arranged a celebratory drinks reception at the restaurant for the Hitchcocks and Paramount staff.[2]

On the evening of August 13th 1962, Alfred and Alma Hitchcock celebrated their birthdays at Perino's and were joined by François Truffaut who was interviewing the directing for a book about his career.[3]

Perino's eventually closed in 1986.

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