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Photoplay (Mar/1928) - Studio News and Gossip


  • article: Studio News and Gossip
  • journal: Photoplay (March 1928)
  • issue: volume XXIX, number 4, page 48
  • journal ISSN:
  • publisher: Macfadden Publications
  • keywords: Nita Naldi


Studio News and Gossip

The lost has been found. At least Nita Naldi has been located geographically.

Nita sailed for Europe three months ago, promising Marion Fairfax to return to Hollywood in lime to play a leading role in "The Desert Healer." which Miss Fairfax is producing for First National.

When "The Desert Healer" was ready to go into production. Nita was unable to be found. Cable after cable failed to reach the film vamp, and no word had been received from her.

Miss Fairfax began to worry, not so much about the delay in starting her production as about what had happened to Nita. for it was feared she may have suffered a physical breakdown as an aftermath of her recent feat of reducing twenty pounds by dieting and fasting.

The State Department at Washington was asked to aid in the search for the missing vampire. And Nita was found, though she had not been lost. Miss Naldi is in Munich, Germany, having a delightful time flitting on pleasure bent between Berlin. Paris and other capitals of European gaiety. For three months she has been abroad, during which time no direct word was received by the producer, her business representatives or friends.

So naughty Nita will not be in the cast of "The Desert Healer." Katherine MacDonald has been chosen to take her place.