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Picturegoer (1921) - Shadowland (April)


  • article: Shadowland
  • author(s):
  • journal: Picturegoer (April 1921)
  • issue: volume 1, issue 4, page 49
  • journal ISSN:




David Powell, whom we see playing opposite Mae Murray in On with the Dance, and who has also supported her in The Right to Love and Idols of Clay, is one of the large number of young British actors who have attained success in the States as leading men. Powell was born in Glasgow, but is of Welsh parentage and ancestry ; and, although it seems heresy unbelievable on the part of a Glasgow man, he invariably describes himself as Welsh rather than Scotch. Touring America as a member of Ellen Terry's company, he took up pictures as an easy way of making a little extra money, and in those days he played leading man to many a now-famous film maid. Mary Pickford, Mae Marsh, and Lillian Gish all knew the charm of his screen lovemaking ; while he has also portrayed hero to the heroine of Pauline Frederick, Elsie Ferguson, Marguerite Clark, and Billie Burke. David Powell has been in London since last autumn, when he came over to take his place as a featured player in the Lasky British films, and he is a familiar figure down Islington way, where the Famous Players Studio is situated. Lately he has been in E. Phillips Oppenheim's Mystery Road and in Edward Knoblock's Appearances. Now he is playing with Mary Glynne in the newest Lasky British production, A Princess of New York.