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Picturegoer (1922) - Shadowland (January)


  • article: Shadowland
  • author(s):
  • journal: Picturegoer (January 1922)
  • issue: volume 3, issue 13, page 51
  • journal ISSN:




The first of the films made by the British-Famous-Players at their London studio is something of a disappointment. Picturegoers had been hoping that this much-hailed combination of American methods and British talent would have resulted in screen masterpieces. Instead, the first arrival from Islington, The Great Day, is a very ordinary melodrama. The scenes in the big steelworks are interesting, and there are some thrilling moments in a Paris Apache den. The cast includes Arthur Bourchier (to whom the screen is not a sympathetic medium), Bertram Burleigh, Meggie Albanesi, and Marjorie Hume (one of the most pleasing of our British actresses).