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Picturegoer (1922) - Shadowland (July)


  • article: Shadowland
  • author(s):
  • journal: Picturegoer (July 1922)
  • issue: volume 3, issue 19, page 53
  • journal ISSN:




The Famous-Lasky British production, The Princess of New York, is not a notable offering, although it boasts Cosmo Hamilton as author and Mary Glynne and David Powell as stars. The story is painfully conventional in theme and treatment, and little effort has been made to infuse new life into ancient dramatic situations. Mary Glynne is an American heiress who is besieged by unscrupulous fortune-hunters (British), and David Powell is an Oxford under graduate, the epitome of masculine virtue, who rescues her from the clutches of her pursuers. Some interesting Oxford backgrounds figure in the film, but the story is too obvious to be more than mildly entertaining. Others in the cast are Saba Raleigh, George Bellamy, Dorothy Fane, Ivo Dawson, Philip Hewland and Windham Guise.