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Picturegoer (1922) - Shadowland (June)


  • article: Shadowland
  • author(s):
  • journal: Picturegoer (June 1922)
  • issue: volume 3, issue 18, page 54
  • journal ISSN:




There are many good points about Appearances, first Famous-Lasky British production directed by Donald Crisp. The plot, which concerns the dire results of living beyond ones means with the mistaken idea of keeping up appearances, is well developed, the cast is good and well selected, and the exteriors carefully chosen. Some of the interior sets, too, are magnificent, and especial care has been taken with the costumes. A well-staged motor accident and some clever double exposure work are other noticeable features ; the photography and lighting are good all the way through Donald Crisp, who has been associated with motion pictures since early Biograph days, directed his first film for that company. This was The Idiot; he has since acted in and directed hosts of features, and is now definitely settled this side.