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Picturegoer (1922) - Shadowland (September)


  • article: Shadowland
  • author(s):
  • journal: Picturegoer (September 1922)
  • issue: volume 4, issue 21, page 52
  • journal ISSN:




They had practically a whole house erected for Dangerous Lies at Famous Lasky's Islington Studio. Library, bedroom, hall, with staircase, and even an attic, were all standing next door to one another on the two big floors there. On the day the "elopement " scenes were shot, Paul Powell needed a tabby cat for a scene or two, and the black specimen that still haunts the studio seemed to resent the presence of the intruder very much. To prevent a fight, Paul Powell held her whilst the other was on the set, but professional jealousy (or temperament, if pussies suffer from temperament), caused by two retakes of the tabby, resulted in a vicious attack on the part of the black beauty. Whilst trying to calm her Paul Powell had his face rather badly scratched. With the proverbial patience of the producer, he took it as part of the day's work, and didn't even call the offender anything more lurid than a "naughty pet."