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Portraits of Murder (book)

front cover

Portraits of Murder: 47 Short Stories Chosen by the Master of Suspense


  1. Shattered Rainbow by Edward D. Hoch
  2. Wonderful, Wonderful Violence by Donald Honig
  3. The Most Unusual Snatch by Lawrence Block
  4. A Murder is Arranged by Nedra Tyre
  5. The Poisoned Pawn by Henry Slesar
  6. The Lifesaver by Don Tothe
  7. What Frightened You, Fred? by Jack Ritchie
  8. Doctor's Dilemma by Harold Q. Masur
  9. Money to Burn by Clark Howard
  10. The House Guest by Babs H. Deal
  11. The Man in the Lobby by William Link and Richard Levinson
  12. Family Code by Lawrence Treat
  13. To Kill an Angel by William Bankier
  14. That Monday Night by Pauline C. Smith
  15. The Waiting Room by Charles W. Runyon
  16. The Keeper by Clark Howard
  17. The Jade Figurine by Bill Pronzini
  18. The Volunteers by Reynold Junker
  19. Arbiter of Uncertainties by Edward D. Hoch
  20. Variations on an Episode by Fletcher Flora
  21. Finder-Killers by Ed Lacy
  22. The Pearls of Li Pong by W.E. Dan Ross
  23. Who? by Michael Collins
  24. A Quiet Backwater by Stanley Abbott
  25. Murder, Anyone? by Phil Davis
  26. The Island by William Jeffrey
  27. Room to Let by Hal Ellson
  28. The One Who Got Away by Al Nussbaum
  29. Unidentified and Dead by Bryce Walton
  30. The Lure and the Clue by Edwin P. Hicks
  31. The Big Bajoor by Borden Deal
  32. The Operator by Jack Ritchie
  33. The Souvenir by Donald Olsen
  34. Speak Well for the Dead by Nancy Schachterle
  35. The Girl in Gold by Jonathan Craig
  36. Minutes of Terror by Donald Honig
  37. Puddle by Arthur Porges
  38. When This Man Dies by Lawrence Block
  39. Public Office by Elijah Ellis
  40. The Beast Within by Margaret B. Maron
  41. Murder in Mind by C.B. Gilford
  42. The Invisible Tomb by Arthur Porges
  43. Just Curious by James H. Schmitz
  44. The Girl Who Found Things by Henry Slesar
  45. Death Trance by Clayton Matthews
  46. The Healer by George C. Chesbro
  47. Murder by Dream by Patrick O'Keeffe