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Psycho (2001) by Amanda Wells

author Amanda Wells
publisher Addison-Wesley (2001)
ISBN 0582431913
links LibraryThing

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Hitchcock stunned the world in 1960 with the horror film that pushed back the boundaries of acceptability. He wanted a reaction, and he got one. Audiences fainted, walked out and boycotted screenings but they wouldn't forget the horror that was Psycho. Enjoyed the film? Want to know more? Go behind the scenes with the ultimate film guides and get the bigger picture. Understand how Alfred Hitchcock influenced some of Hollywood's greatest directors and how Psycho was credited with creating a genre of its own and later revered as a cinematic classic despite having no financial backing. Consider the importance of film style and key scenes, and learn how the film engages the audience by the use of narrative. Understand what role camera shots and music had on building a cinematic experience. What were the decisions behind casting Janet Leigh in the leading role and what did the character of Norman Bates do for Anthony Perkins career? If you want to understand the bigger picture, get into the ultimate film guides.