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Sacramento Street, San Francisco, California

Jack's Restaurant

Formerly located at 615 Sacramento Street, Jack's Restaurant opened in 1864 and was a popular landmark in San Francisco. Until it closed in 2000, it was the second oldest restaurant in the city. It reopened under new management as "Jeanty at Jack's" in 2001 before closing in 2009.[1][2]

Hitchcock was a regular diner at the restaurant and an upstairs room was later renamed the "Alfred Hitchcock Room" in his honour. According to local legend, Hitchcock introduced the mimosa cocktail to America one Sunday morning whilst dining at Jack's with a hangover.[3][4]

According to Howard G. Kazanjian, actor Roy Thinnes confronted Hitchcock whilst he dining at Jack's wanting to know why he'd been fired from Family Plot. Hitchcock, who hated scenes and confrontations, was speechless and Thinnes eventually left.[5]

Hitchcock's Films

Family Plot (1976)

2230 Sacramento Street

The kidnapper's house is given the fictional address of 1001 Franklin Street in the film, but most of the exteriors were filmed at 2230 Sacramento Street and around the corner on Buchanan Street. The garage entrance is located on Buchanan and was partly recreated on the sound stages for some scenes.

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Jack's Restaurant

2230 Sacramento Street

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