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So What Did You Expect? (2001) by Anthony Shaffer

author Anthony Shaffer
publisher Picador (2001)
ISBN 0330390430 (hardback)

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  • Includes a 7 page chapter on Frenzy (1972).


The award-winning, celebrated playwright and sciptwriter, twin brother of Peter Shaffer, here pens his compelling and at times hilarious memoir. Evacuated to Wales during the war, Anthony and Peter Shaffer developed an unquenchable will to win, and a hunger for success, that persist today in their 75th year. This anecdote-packed memoir takes us from Anthony's early, anonymous crime writing days with his brother, to his years as a gifted copywriter in advertising, through to his experiments with law. In 1971 his life changed with the production of Sleuth, which became the most famous play of its time. He got to know many actors well, including Lawrence Olivier, and worked closely with Alfred Hitchcock and Agatha Christie (he was the one responsible for transferring The Mousetrap to the theatre it was never to leave). More than just a portrait of a bygone age and a life lived to the full, So What Did You Expect? is also a work of revealing social and personal history. A must-read for anyone who has ever been hooked by the cult works of this great writer.