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Stars and Stripes Newspaper (17/Dec/1955) - Entertainment On The Town



Entertainment On The Town

HITCHCOCK HIGHLIGHTS — Alfred ("To Catch a Thief") Hitchcock may hate eggs but he loves meat. He doesn't like Japanese food, Chinese food or any of that "delicacy" stuff. Just give him a man-sized steak and he's happier than most of his pictures.

The rotund director wasn't in Tokyo two hours Monday night before he found his way to the France-ya restaurant (in Gotanda) for one of their very fine steaks.

Full of food, he talks — mostly about television and his weekly program, "Alfred Hitchcock Presents...

"I make two appearances on every program," says Hitchcock. "One minute at the beginning and one minute at the end ... The films deal with horror but I supply comedy relief."

The program has already won Hitchcock an award from Look magazine, which named him "TV director of the year."

Commenting on recent criticism of his movie "The Trouble With Harry," which supposedly "deals too lightly with death," Hitchcock answers:

"Someone once said that death and taxes are the funniest things in life ... and the audiences seem to enjoy the picture."