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Sun Reporter (09/Feb/1978) - On The Beam



On The Beam

PROFILE: MEL BROOKS, generally conceded to be filmdom's master of comedy, was in town briefly last week in connection with his newest (and sixth) film, HIGH ANXIETY, which he produced, directed, partially wrote, and stars in. "It is," said Brooks, "a tribute to the genius of Alfred Hitchcock. Anyone who's rolled a foot of film owes something to this man." One realizes this immediately, of course, when viewing the film, part of which, incidentally, was shot here at the Hyatt Regency. Also Brooks is the composer of the title tune, which he sings a la Sinatra in his role of Dr. Richard Thorndyke. I should make this paragraph simply a "Memo to Mel Brooks" and explain why I can't do a longer or better paragraph on him. The "explanation" is simply that my briefcase containing my pad of notes and my autographed photo was stolen just shortly before I sat down to put these lines together. I had a number of witty quotes from Brooks to use, but I refuse to make quotes unless I have them in black and white before me.