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Sunday Mail (Queensland) (05/Aug/1928) - Ivor Novello in Downhill



Ivor Novello in Downhill

Master Pictures' new release will be the other big special attraction to be screened to-morrow and until Wednesday next. Ivor Novello is seen in the main role, and supporting him are such well known and favourite stars as Isabel Jeans, Robert Irvine, and Annette Benson.

Sincerity, powerful acting, ingenious tricks of technique, familiar scenes, and symbolism have been brought together under the skilful direction of Alfred Hitchcock into a picture worthy of the best British tradition.

The story of Downhill is entirely restricted to the development of one character — that of Roddy, who is suffering from disgrace. There is no trace of feminine interest in the romantic sense throughout the film. The final close-up shows, not a kiss, but a Rugby "try" with Roddy as the hero.

The scenes move from a public school to a stage, to a lowly dancing hall, to a Marseilles "rat's" den, and then the hold of a ship.