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Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette (28/Dec/1935) - Screen Gossip



Screen Gossip

Director Alfred Hitchcock will fulfil one of his most cherished ambitions when, during 1936, he directs a film written by himself on a "Derby Day" subject for Gaumont-British.

"Hitch" has always wanted to build a picture round the great Epsom classic, which, he considers, constitutes each year the greatest convention of varying types of humanity in the world.

Speaking of the possibilities of such a film — and illustrating his remarks, as usual, by clever lightning sketches, executed on a scenery "flat," a table top, or anything else to his hand — he said:—

"Think of the opportunities of the subject. You have the Downs, covered by the great town of temporary structures which rise up in a night, fortune-tellers' stalls, tea-tents, restaurant marquees, cloak-rooms, offices, the vast crowd, in which princes and peasants mingle: the mass of buses ... even the Salvation Army meetings."