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TV Radio Mirror (1960) - Information Booth: Nancy Gates




Information Booth

Notes on Nancy

Could you write something about the actress Nancy Gates?
 — F.C.C., West Hanover, Mass.

Although most of her TV roles (and she has had well over 200 of them) might be called the "wholesome" type, pretty Nancy Gates doesn't mind a bit. Says she, "It isn't necessary to play the flashier 'bad' girls to get attention or to make a career for yourself." Nancy has been doing both of the latter since the age of thirteen. At that time, the attractive brunette was signed to a contract in her native Dallas by an executive of radio Station WFAA, located there. She starred on her own radio show for two years, attending high school at the same time. A picture of Nancy, which appeared in The Dallas News, was spotted by an RKO talent scout who signed her to a contract and took her to Hollywood. She worked in movies for four years, before returning to radio for a while. In 1946, Nancy enrolled at the University of Oklahoma — where, says she, "I majored in everything during my year-and-a-half." Eventually, Nancy returned to Hollywood, where she has since appeared in such movies as "Some Came Running" and TV shows like 77 Sunset Strip and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.... Nancy is married to executive William Hayes and they have two sons — Jeff, 7, and Chip, 4, of whom Nancy says, "They never watch me on TV — unless I'm being chased by Indians."