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Tales of Terror (book)

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Tales of Terror: 58 Short Stories Chosen by the Master of Suspense


  1. Killed by Kindness by Nedra Tyre
  2. Just a Minor Offense by John F. Suter
  3. A Home Away from Home by Robert Bloch
  4. Death of a Derelict by Joseph Payne Brennan
  5. The Arrowmont Prison Riddle by Bill Pronzini
  6. The Dettweiler Solution by Lawrence Block
  7. The Whitechapel Wantons by Vincent McConnor
  8. Cora's Raid by Isak Romun
  9. Life or Breath by Nelson DeMille
  10. A Private Little War by William Brittain
  11. Have You Ever Seen this Woman? by John Lutz
  12. Joe Cutter's Game by Brian Garfield
  13. A Cabin in the Woods by John Coyne
  14. The Long Arm of El Jefe by Edward Wellen
  15. Kid Cardula by Jack Ritchie
  16. Career Man by James Holding
  17. The Perfidy of Professor Blake by Libby MacCall
  18. Sea Change by Henry Slesar
  19. The Blue Tambourine by Donald Olson
  20. Graveyard Shift by William P. McGivern
  21. A Bottle of Wine by Borden Deal
  22. Man Bites Dog by Donald Honig
  23. Never Trust an Ancestor by Michael Zuroy
  24. Another War by Edward D. Hoch
  25. Sparrow on a String by Alice Scanlan Reach
  26. The Missing Tattoo by Clayton Matthews
  27. The Fall of Dr. Scourby by Patricia Matthews
  28. The Loose End by Stephen Wasylyk
  29. That So-Called Laugh by Frank Sisk
  30. A Very Special Talent by Margaret B. Maron
  31. The Joker by Betty Ren Wright
  32. The Very Hard Sell by Helen Nielsen
  33. The Tin Ear by Ron Goulart
  34. The Time Before the Crime by Charlotte Edwards
  35. After the Unfortunate Accident by Barry N. Malzberg
  36. The Grateful Thief by Patrick O'Keeffe
  37. The Inspiration by Talmage Powell
  38. Death is a Lonely Lover by Robert Colby
  39. The Witness was a Lady by Fletcher Flora
  40. Scheme for Destruction by Pauline C. Smith
  41. To the Manner Born by Mary Braund
  42. Black Disaster by Richard O. Lewis
  43. The Marrow of Justice by Hal Ellson
  44. Innocent Witness by Irving Schiffer
  45. We're Really Not that Kind of People by Samuel W. Taylor
  46. Pocket Evidence by Harold Q. Masur
  47. The Death Desk by S.S. Rafferty
  48. A Left-Handed Profession by Al Nussbaum
  49. Second Spring by Theodore Mathieson
  50. Bank Night by Arthur Porges
  51. The Contagious Killer by Bryce Walton
  52. Bad Actor by Gary Brandner
  53. Free Advice, Incorporated by Michael Brett
  54. The Real Criminal by James M. Gilmore
  55. The Hard Sell by William Dolan
  56. The Prosperous Judds by Bob Bristow
  57. The Dead Indian by Robert W. Alexander
  58. The China Cottage by August Derleth