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Target for Tonight (1941)

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World War II documentary about a Royal Air Force mission.

Technical Information

  • black and white
  • sound mix: mono
  • runtime: 48 minutes
  • aspect ratio: 1.37:1 Spherical
  • production company: Crown Film Unit and Ministry of Information

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Comments and Notes

  • The film begins with these captions...
    • This is the authentic story of a bombing raid on Germany... how it is planned and how it is executed. Every person seen in the picture is a member of the Royal Air Force from Commander-in-Chief to aircraft hand, re-enacting his own daily life on the job. They are the men and women who actually direct, plan and execute the raids. In order, however, not to give information to the enemy, all figures indicating Strengh, have purposely been made misleading. BOMBER COMMAND controls a series of GROUPS ...each of which has a number. Each GROUP controls a series of STATIONS each of which has a name. Each STATION has two or more squadrons attached..... each aircraft being known by an index letter. The picture mainly concerns the crew of "F" for "FREDDIE", attached to Millerton Station in Group 33 of Bomber Command.


Cast and Crew

Directed by:


  • Wing Commander Charles Pickard[1]
  • and others

Written by:

Photographed by:

Edited by:

Production Design by:

Notes & References

  1. Brother of Lady Hardwicke, according to Variety (09/Jun/1943).