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The A-Z of Hitchcock: The Ultimate Reference Guide (2002) by Howard Maxford

author Howard Maxford
publisher B.T. Batsford Ltd (2002)
ISBN 0713487380
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The A-Z of Hitchcock is a totally new reference book on the career of Alfred Hitchcock, one of Britain's finest directors. For the first time, this handbook covers his career in a user-friendly, easy-reference A to Z format. The entries include: all Hitchcock films, with synopsis, a detailed critique, cast and credit listings, video/laserdisk/DVD availability/soundtrack availability as well as mention of the trademark Hitchcock appearance in each film; all his television work; unrealized or unfinished work; biographical entries on all the actors Hitchcock worked with; biographical entries for the key cinematographers, composers of scores, cameramen, and special effects people who worked with Hitchcock. Illustrated throughout, this useful guide is packed with information on the work of one of the world's favourite directors. It's thorough research and A-to-Z format make this a must for all Hitchcock fans.


Though biographies and academic studies of Alfred Hitchcock abound, film buff Maxford (David Lean; The George Lucas Companion) found an opening for one more useful book about the renowned director when he "fixed upon the idea of an all-encompassing encyclopedia" about the master's works. Organized alphabetically from "Academy Awards" to "Ziegler, William," Maxford's encyclopedia includes entries for every film, television episode, actor and actress Hitchcock worked with, as well as entries for Hitchcock homages and remakes and all the key cinematographers, technicians, composers and special effects people who contributed to his films. (Ziegler was the editor who cut the film for Spellbound, Rope, Strangers on a Train and Topaz.) Readers may disagree with some of Maxford's evaluations-The Birds, he says, leaves him "curiously cold"-but his exhaustive, well-designed compilation of Hitchcock facts is sure to prove useful to any serious Hitchcock fan.
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