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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour - Behind the Locked Door


"Behind the Locked Door" was originally broadcast on 27/Mar/1964 as part of the second season of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.


Newlyweds Dave and Bonnie Snowden visit the abandoned home of Bonnie's late father. In the home, Dave finds a locked door and comes to believe that there is something valuable inside. Later, Dave and Bonnie tell Bonnie's elderly mother Mrs. Daniels that they are married. Bonnie's mother is convinced that Dave is after her daughter inheritance. She tries to bribe Dave to annull the marriage. Dave refuses, but he is desperate for money. In an effort to convince Bonnie's mother of his good intentions. He convinces Bonnie to fake a suicide attempt by overdosing on sleeping pills. Dave hopes that Mrs. Daniels will see him caring for her and change her mind about him. Unfortunately, Bonnie is allergic to sleeping pills and accidently dies. After the funeral, Mrs. Daniels tells Dave that she has had a change of heart. She gives him the abandoned house. Dave heads to the home and again wonders what is behind the locked door. As he talks to himself, Dave accidently reveals to a secretly listening Mrs. Daniels that he did marry Bonnie for money. Mrs. Daniels approaches Dave and gives him the key to the locked door. He opens it and hurries in where he falls to his death. The room was actually an unfinished elevator shaft. (TV.com)

DVD Releases

The following official DVD releases contain this episode:

9093.gif The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: The Complete Second Season - Madman Entertainment (Australia, 2013)
PAL 1.33:1

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