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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour - Consider Her Ways


"Consider Her Ways" was originally broadcast on 28/Dec/1964 as part of the third season of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.


Physician Dr. Jane Waterleigh participates in an experiment in projected perception and takes an experimental drug. Under the influence of the drug, she experiences a future life as a breeder in a society inhabited only by women. In this highly regimented society, she learns that all men had perished nearly two hundred years before because of a genetic accident caused by a biologist named Dr. Perrigan, who had engineered a virus, originally designed to destroy the brown rat. The virus unexpectedly mutated and killed all human males on Earth. After the drug wears off, Dr. Waterleigh locates Dr. Perrigan and visits him. In an attempt to alter the future, she kills him and destroys his lab and research, fully willing to suffer the consequences. During her murder trial, however, Dr. Waterleigh learns to her horror that ironically it is Perrigan's son, also a biologist, who becomes determined to continue his father's work and will ultimately create the virus, thus leaving the inevitability of the dystopian future unaltered. (TV.com)

DVD Releases

The following official DVD releases contain this episode:

9094.gif The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: The Complete Third Season - Madman Entertainment (Australia, 2013)
PAL 1.33:1

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