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The Alfred Hitchcock Presents Companion (2001) by Martin Grams Jnr & Patrik Wikstrom

authors Martin Grams Jnr & Patrik Wikstrom
publisher O.T.R. Publishing (2001)
ISBN 0970331010 (paperback)
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For more than a decade, Alfred Hitchcock hosted a macabre television series that bore his name and became a staple in the fabric of our living rooms. From the opening them to Hitchcock's signature "Good evening..." viewers tuned in each week to watch the master at work chilling television audiences, both young and old alike. Hitchcock's involvement with the show was minimal. He hosted over 360 episodes but he did not even direct 20. Under the arrangement of Universal Studios, you now hold in your hands a complete guide to the television series. This book offers a "behind-the-scenes" look at the making of the episodes, and a complete production history. Various chapters cover the 1980s remake series, the paperback anthologies, collectibles and over 100 photos. Hitchcock spoofs, comic books and other television programs directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Exclusive interviews with Norman Lloyd, Ray Bradbury, Fess Parker, Henry Slesar, Gordon Hessler, Hazel Court, Vincent Price, Elliott Reid, Marc Richman, Warren Stevens, Hilton A. Green, Arthur Ross, Joseph Pevney, Ann Robinson, Sydney Pollack, Marian Seldes, Julie Adams and many more!