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The Complete Films of Alfred Hitchcock (2002) by Robert A. Harris & Michael Lasky

author Robert A Harris & Michael Lasky
publisher Citadel (2002)
ISBN 0806524278 (paperback)
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Hitchcock remains the undisputed master of terror and suspense, and a visionary who revolutionised the art of filmmaking with his characteristic blend of sex, tension and murder that inspired a new generation of filmmakers and made him a legend around the world. This tribute spans Hitchcock's entire fifty-four-year career as a director, from his 1922 debut with the silent film The Pleasure Garden, to his final film in 1976, Family Plot, and even covers the years of his popular television show, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, which ran from 1955-62 and showcased his legendary macabre humour. Complete with stills from his many films and a text that takes an intimate look at the background of each production, this is the ultimate portrait of the movie genius and a bible for all those who adore the man and his work.