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The Daily News (Perth) (22/Nov/1929) - Great Progress: English Talkie Production




English Talkie Production

Talkie productions which have won the highest praise in England are now awaiting release, and a regular supply of audible films is guaranteed. They will arrive at the rate of one a fortnight.

When Alfred Hitchcock made 'Blackmail,' the first talking picture to be produced in. Britain, he made at the same time, according to correspondents, a talking picture incomparably better, artistic ally and intellectually, than anything which people in that country, had previously seen. Hitchcock set entirely new standards hi the treatment of intimate drama.

With 'High Treason.' the second talking picture to be made in Britain. Maurice Elvey advanced the treatment of spectacle far beyond anything they had seen.

The London 'Daily Chronicle' declared that 'Blackmail' and 'High Treason' gave to Britain complete supremacy in the world of talking pictures. The charm of the English tongue, beautifully spoken, was common to both.

'Blackmail' arrived in Australia some weeks ago and was promptly banned by the censor, but this temporary setback will not affect the invasion of British talkies.