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The Daily News (Perth) (29/Jun/1928) - London's Attractions: Return of Film Men



London's Attractions: Return of Film Men

Big salaries offering in London seem to be having their effect in Hollywood. The announcement that the British director, Alfred Hitchcock, had been placed under contract at £17,000 a year has, according to reports from the United States, made many front-rank performers and technicians look on London with renewed interest.

Edmund Goulding, whose contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer has expired, is returning to England — for a holiday only, he states: but Goulding is a Britisher through and through, and his ambitions are to produce at home. Six years ago he approached the Australian Government with a proposition to make pictures in the Commonwealth ofr world-distribution as an aid to trade and Immigration, but he was turned down.

Ronald Colman, Clive Brook, Victor MacLaglen, and other Englishmen on holiday, express themselves constantly as wanting to come back, but are prevented by long contracts. Perhaps this year will see many of the stars working in the British studios.

Incidentally in America at present the English director, Tom Terriss, who has been in the States for many years, is making a picture with an all-British cast for F.B.O.

The players came from Canada, England, and Australia.