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The Life Story of David Lloyd George (1918)

The Life Story of David Lloyd George is a 1918 British silent biopic film directed by Maurice Elvey and starred Norman Page, Alma Reville, Ernest Thesiger and Douglas Munro.

Alma Reville worked for several years as Elvey's assistant and the film marks one of her few acting roles, playing the role of David Lloyd George's daughter, Megan. Reville's short stature allowed her to play Megan as a young girl, despite being 18 years old at the time.[1]

The film was suppressed in 1918 prior to release and believed lost until a print was discovered in 1994.


Alma Reville as David Lloyd George's daughter Megan:


Notes & References

  1. According to Alma Hitchcock: The Woman Behind the Man (2004), Alma had small acting roles in films by Harold Shaw, George L. Tucker, Herbert Brenon and Maurice Elvey. Apart from The Life Story of David Lloyd George, the titles of the other films are unknown.