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The Pleasure Garden (1925) - UK screenings

After the successful trade screenings for The Lodger, Hitchcock's first film The Pleasure Garden was finally given a provincial theatrical release with several prints in circulation from January to November 1927.

Hitchcock's second film, The Mountain Eagle, was screened provincially between June and December 1927.

London Screenings

The film was first screened to the public during the week commencing 12th April 1926 at the Capitol in Haymarket, London,[1] where it was shown along with The Outsider (1926)[2] and The Lucky Devil (1925)[3].

The film was screened in London again at the Kensington cinema during the week commencing 24th January 1927.[4]

Provincial Screenings

The following dates are taken from UK regional newspapers:

  • w/c 10/Jan/1927 — La Scala, Dundee[5]
  • 20-22/Jan/1927 — Whiteladies Picture House, Bristol[6]
  • 24-26/Jan/1927 — La Scala, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire[7]
  • w/c 07/Feb/1927 — Regent Picture House, Dover[8]
  • w/c 14/Feb/1927 — King's Picture House, Gloucester[9]
  • w/c 14/Feb/1927 — Tower Cinema, Hull[10]
  • 14-16/Feb/1927 — Beau Nash Picture House, Westgate Street, Bath[11]
  • 17-19/Feb/1927 — Cinema de Luxe, Hastings[12]
  • 21-23/Feb/1927 — Queen's Picture House, Castle Street, Gloucester[13]
  • w/c 28/Feb/1927 — Savoy Cinema, Burnley[14]
  • 07-09/Mar/1927 — Lichfield Palladium, Lichfield, Staffordshire[15]
  • 07-09/Mar/1927 — Strand Cinema, Beverley Road, Hull[16]
  • w/c 21/Mar/1927 — Royal Picture House, Dundee[17]
  • 21-23/Mar/1929 — Melton Picture House, Melton Mowbray[18]
  • 21-23/Feb/1927 — Central Picture Theatre, Folkestone[19]
  • 24-26/Mar/1927 — Alhambra & Pentridge Cinema, Burnley[20]
  • 24-26/Mar/1927 — Palace Theatre, Tamworth[21]
  • w/c 28/Mar/1927 — Picture Theatre, Grantham[22]
  • 31/Mar/1927-02/Apr/1927 — Oakham Picture Palace, Rutland[23]
  • 04-05/Apr/1927 — Belgrave Cinema, Plymouth[24]
  • 11-13/Apr/1927 — The Oxford Cinema, Whitstable[25]
  • 18-20/Apr/1927 — Picture House, Grantham[26]
  • 18-20/Apr/1927 — Wellington Cinema, Snargate Street, Dover[27]
  • 21-23/Apr/1927 — Alvaston Cinema, Derby[28]
  • 28-29/Apr/1927 — Regent Picture House, Dundee[29]
  • 02-04/May/1927 — Regent Hall Pictures, Mansfield Road, Nottingham[30]
  • 05-07/May/1927 — Goldsmith Street Picture House, Nottingham[31]
  • 09/May/1927 — City Palace, Fore Street, Exeter[32]
  • 23-25/May/1927 — New Theatre, Tonbridge, Kent[33]
  • w/c 23/May/1927 — Broughty Picture House, Dundee[34]
  • 16-18/Jun/1927 — The Palace, Braintree, Essex[35]
  • 21-23/Jul/1927 — Berridge Road Picture House, Nottingham[36]
  • 07-09/Nov/1927 — Sandgate Picture House, Folkestone, Kent[37]

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