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The Times (02/Feb/1926) - The Film World

(c) The Times (02/Feb/1926)



The British organization, Gainsborough Pictures, announces that Mr. Ivor Novello will appear for them in a series of films, work on which will start almost at once. The first film in which he will appear will be The Lodger, a "mystery" film, based on the novel by Mrs. Belloc Lowndes. The scene of this is laid in London.

The British film, Nell Gwynn, with which the new Plaza Theatre in Regent Street will open, has just been shown in New York, where it was received with enthusiasm. Miss Dorothy Gish, the American film actress, takes the leading part in it. Miss Gish will attend the first exhibition in this country, and for that reason the opening of the Plaza Theatre has been postponed for a fortnight and will not take place until February 22. Mr. Herbert Wilcox, the producer of Nell Gwynn, is to make a series of films for British National Pictures, Limited, in which Miss Dorothy Gish will appear.