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The Times (02/May/1933) - Obituary: Robin Irvine

(c) The Times (02/May/1933)


News was received in London on Saturday by Miss Ursula Jeans, the actress, of the death on Friday night of her husband, Mr. Robin Irvine, the actor, in Bermuda, at the age of 32. Mr. Irvine and Miss Jeans were married at Marylebone Register Office in August, 1931. They had been engaged since the previous Christmas Day. Their wedding was not revealed until three months after the ceremony. Mr. Irvine had been to Bermuda for a holiday after visiting America. He developed a chill which turned to pleurisy. Mr. Irvine was born in London in 1901 and was educated at Aldenham School and Mill Hill School. His first appearance on the stage was at Ipswich on Boxing Day, 1918, as Captain D'Arcy in My Lady Frayle. His first appearance in London was in 1923. Later he took up film work, and since 1931 had been general manager of St. George Film Productions and had devoted himself to production. He had prominent parts in the films of Young Woodley and The Rising Generation. He was distantly related to Robert Louis Stevenson.