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The Times (03/Jan/1935) - Forthcoming British films

(c) The Times (03/Jan/1935)



The Gaumont-British Picture Corporation, Limited, have announced their programme of new film productions.

Mr. George Arliss, in the spring, will begin his second Gaumont-British film, based on an original story by Mr. J. B. Priestley. His third picture may deal with the life of Pepys. The first picture on which work will start this year is based on Mr. John Buchan's novel, "The Thirty-nine Steps," and will be directed by Mr. Alfred Hitchcock.

Mr. Conrad Veidt and Miss Madeleine Carroll will be seen in Redemption, based on Tolstoy's "The Living Corpse." It will be directed by Mr. Berthold Vienel, who will also produce The Passing of the Third Floor Back later in the year. Mr. Veidt will also be seen in The Tunnel, an imaginative story of the future, and in King of the Damned, based on the stage play recently seen in London.

Miss Jessie Matthews will be seen in Barcarolle, a film in which Offenbach will be a leading character, and in Sam and Sallie, a story of London theatrical life.

Mr. Walter Forde will direct a new picture, in which Mr. Jack Hulbert will appear and to which the title Youth at the Helm has been provisionally given. Mr. Forde will also be responsible for a film based on. Mr. Kipling's "Soldiers Three," and work on this will be started in India shortly. The production programme also includes three comedies for Mr. Tom Walls and Mr. Ralph Lynn, and three films for Mr. Jack Hulbert and Miss Courtneidge.