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The Times (08/Sep/1982) - Miss Ingrid Bergman

(c) The Times (08/Sep/1982)


Miss Joyce Pearce writes:

Your recognition of Miss Bergman's outstanding contribution as a film star and an actress has left unmentioned certain personal qualities for which she should also be remembered, in recent years she devoted a great deal of her time and resource to the assistance of deprived children in all parts of the world.

She did this in a very special way, she not only used her position and name as an actress to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for the Gladys Aylward Foundation and the Ockenden Venture but she made it her business, in quiet and unassuming way, to maintain personal contact with many of those whom she had made a commitment to help. This was another aspect of the integrity of purpose, frankness and absolute honesty which characterized her whole career. The courage with which she coped with illness during these last years has perhaps been most manifested in her determination to continue to help others for as long as she was able, whatever the personal cost to herself.