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The Times (11/Aug/1932) - New British films

(c) The Times (11/Aug/1932)



Mr. Alfred Hitchcock, one of the most successful of English film producers, who was recently appointed by the British International Pictures, Limited, to supervise all their productions at the Elstree studios, has arranged for Mr. Benn W. Levy, the playwright, to direct the making of a new film entitled “The Case of Lady Camber”, in which Sir Gerald du Maurier, Miss Gertrude Lawrence, Miss Benita Hume, and Mr. Nigel Bruce will have the chief parts. The dialogue has been written for the screen by Mr. Gilbert Wakefield, the author of “The Marriage of Inconvenience”. Mr. Levy has never directed a film before.

Before the production of this film the Elstree floor will be occupied by “Sleepless Nights”, a new musical film based upon an original story by Mr. Stanley Lupino, who will himself play the leading part, supported by Miss Polly Walker, Mr. Jack Melford, and Mr. Frederick Lloyd. It will be directed by Mr. Thomas Bentley, and will include a number of new songs by Mr. Noel Gay. Three other subjects to be filmed this month are “Leave it to Psmith”, a film -version of Mr. P. G. Wodehouse's story, with Mr. Gene Gerrard in the cast; “Magenta Street”, in which Mr. Julian Rose, the Jewish comedian, will be able to exploit his humour; and “For the Love of Mike”, a screen version of Mr. H. F. Maltby's play, which will be produced by Mr. Monty Banks, with Mr. Bobby Howes in his original part.

Six other Elstree productions now completed and shortly to be shown in London are “Arms and the Man”, the first full-length play of Mr. Bernard Shaw's to be filmed; “Timbuctoo”, produced in West Africa by Mr. Walter Summers; “Old Spanish Customs”; “The Fires of Fate”, based upon a story by Conan Doyle, and produced in Egypt under the direction of Mr. Norman Walker; “Josser Joins the Army”, with Mr. Ernie Lotinga in the title role; and “The Maid of the Mountains”, a screen version of Mr. Frederick Lonsdale's musical comedy, directed by Mr. Lupino Lane.

Miss Isabel Jeans, who has not been seen on the screen since the introduction of the talking film, will play the part of Mrs. Durlacher in the screen version of Mr. Temple Thurston's novel “Sally Bishop”, which is to be directed for the British Lion Film Corporation by Mr. T. Hayes Hunter. Miss Jeans, who was last seen on the London stage in “Counsel's Opinion”, appeared in a number of successful silent picture:, including “The Triumph of the Rat”, “The Further Adventures of the Flag Lieutenant”, and “Downhill”. At the Walton-on-Thames studios the floor is occupied by “Raffles”, in which the principal roles are being played by Mr. George Barraud and Miss Camilla Horn, a German actress, who some time ago appeared with Mr. John Barrymore in “The Tempest.”

“Cavalcade”, Mr. Noel Coward's spectacular play, will reach its 400th performance at Drury Lane Theatre on September 7.