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The Times (11/Feb/1937) - Forthcoming British films

(c) The Times (11/Feb/1937)



The film as a medium for stories of excitement has always suited the directorial talent of Mr. Alfred Hitchcock, and in Miss Josephine Tey's "A Shilling for Candles", he is said to have found material which will give him full scope for building up an atmosphere of surprise and suspense. The tension will be relieved by typical expressions of Cockney and other types of humour. Mr. Charles Bennett will write the script, and work on the production will begin at the Gaumont-British studios at Shepherd's Bush early next month. Miss Nova Pilbeam, who took part in Mr. Hitchcock's production of The Man Who Knew Too Much, has been chosen for the part of the chief constable's daughter who helps a young man charged with murder to escape. A coat can prove his innocence but it has been taken by a tramp and in order to find the tramp both the young man and Mr. Hitchcock will have to journey through a great deal of English country.

Another British film soon to be produced will bring Mr. Pickwick to the screen in an adaptation directed by Mr. Walter Forde. It will be made by the Capitol Film Corporation, and the advice and assistance of well-known Dickensians will be sought. Mr. Max Schach has arranged for the Capitol Corporation to show in New York during the next few months Love From a Stranger, Dreaming Lips, with Miss Elisabeth Bergner, and Pagliacci.

Mr. John Drinkwater has accepted an invitation to prepare for Warner Brothers a script describing the chief national events in British history from the opening of Queen Victoria's reign to the present time. He will appear in the film as the narrator.