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The Times (11/Jan/1971) - Hitchcock to make film in London

(c) The Times (11/Jan/1971)

Hitchcock to make film in London

Alfred Hitchcock is to make his first film in England for 20 years (the last he made here being "Stage Fright"). He is in London until Thursday seeking locations for "Frenzy", a thriller about a multiple murderer which will be filmed in April in and around London and in a British Studio.

The film is based on a novel by Arthur La Bern, author of It Always Rains on Sunday. "It's not the Ripper story, but it could have been inspired by the Heath case", says Hitch.

Naturally Hitch seens no contradiction between such a grim subject and his customary light touch. "I hope it won't be too shocking, although all murder is. I hope to intersperse it with really bright characters. When some people present murder it seems to have a heavy cloud over it.

"It seems to be a habit to handle it rather heavily. I don't believe this really happens. In real life everyone seems to discuss it fairly cheerfully. It doesn't make them metaphorically wear black. The first person to be forgotten is always the victim."

Hitch has chosen Anthony Shaffer, author of Sleuth to write the script, but has not yet picked the all-English cast. He and his wife are staying at his favourite hotel, Claridges, quite unalarmed by the recent jewel robbery there. "I don't wear jewelry, so I'm not worried", he says.