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The Times (12/Apr/1972) - Films chosen for the Cannes Festival

(c) The Times (12/Apr/1972)

Films chosen for the Cannes Festival

The four films officially representing the American film industry at this year's Cannes Film Festival are Ray Stark's production of To Find a Man, directed by Buzz Kulik; Sidney Pollack's Jeremiah Johnson; George Roy Hill's Slaughterhouse Five; and Elia Kazan's The Visitors. Two more American films will be shown out of competition: Alfred Hitchcock's Frenzy and John Huston's Fat City.

The Cannes dates for this year are from May 4 to May 19.

The official British entry at the festival will be the Jules Buck production, The Ruling Class, starring Peter O'Toole, Alastair Sim and Arthur Lowe, and directed by Peter Medak, from the Peter Barnes play. Roman Polanski's Macbeth will be shown out of competition.

Other countries' entries selected so far include: West Germany, Johannes Schaff's Trotta (the official German entry) and Peter Fleishman's The Bells of Silesia; Ireland, Robert Altman's Images; Canada. La Vrai Nature de Bernadette, directed by Gilles Carle.